Blog # 2 Teddy my Mini Poodle and interesting Mini Poodle History

mini poodle

Teddy arrived in January after being born with a few other chocolate mini poodles November 30, 2020. We found him at a breeder called "Mystical Poodles".When he arrived, his face was shaved like some poodles are. We would let that grow out to the “teddy bear look” we wanted. From the very start he was active running around the backyard and playing with us. He was such a tiny little guy but melted my heart. We did a lot of research on how to care for a new puppy. We decided to crate train him so we got a crate and also a playpen and a whole bunch of toys.

My friends Kristin and Joey also wanted a poodle and got a Standard from the same breeder the very next month. Kristin and I worked together for over ten years together. I was her director and mentor at my last job. We were talking one day and I told her about Teddy and where we got him. She had mentioned that they were on a waiting list at the same place we got Teddy. I called Marie the breeder up and asked if there was a way she could get them a poodle sooner so we could go through the growing pains together. Marie hooked them up too. Frankie is a beautiful Blue Standard Poodle. Their coat starts off black but turns into more of a blue tint as they grow older. Teddy and Frankie  have had a good time together.  Frankie is quite a bit bigger now than Teddy, so when they get together Teddy just tries to wear her out. he has a lot of energy lol.

mini Poodle
mini poodle,  standard poodle
mini poodle,  standard poodle

“The Best people I know are Dogs”

– Unknown...

Teddy bear look

So, after a few months Teddy was quite the “teddy bear”. His face had grown a bit so he finally had the look we wanted. He has taken over the house too, it's definitely “his house”, protecting us from the doorbell when it rings and strange noises he may hear. It was so funny when he barked for the first time. We both looked at each other like “did that big bark come from our little guy?” He was just about 3 months old when he found his voice. When people come over though it’s quite a different story, he loves people and other dogs for that matter too. We got a wonderful trainer named Deb and she helps us out when we go on long trips and other training trips to help us with the behaviour side of things. 

Teddy’s favorite thing to do is play catch with a squeaky ball. Deb taught him to go between our legs and sit to chase the ball. It's his routine now. I taught him to place the ball next to me when I'm sitting down so depending on whether we are sitting or standing he places the ball properly for each. He likes to change up who throws it to him too, so he’s equal opportunity for all. He also changes up the chase with catching it in the air. He likes to mix it up, I guess. Usually when I take him out to do his business, he’ll grab a ball to have a few rounds outside before we go in. This winter when it was 25 degrees out and snowing, he grabbed the ball. Yes it snows sometimes in Las Vegas. I tried my best to accommodate him, but it was cold out lol. Just a few tosses buddy then we can do it inside.

Our daily routine

We got Teddy right when the whole Covid work from home thing was happening. Linda has her office down stairs and I have mine upstairs so depending on who has a zoom call is where Teddy would be. He usually hangs out with me in my office now and for the most part he lets me do what I need to do, but pretty soon a wet ball is placed in my lap for a few dozen rounds of catch. He likes to look out the window and see what's going on outside. He'll growl at other dogs and I'll say to him "what are you growling at". He looks at me like he's just doing his job protecting the home and I need to chill out. Lol, yeah he makes me laugh throughout the whole day. He has a lot of characteristics that Muttley had when I was growing up, must be a poodle thing.

We found an amazing place to have our little guy groomed called "Best in Show". The name says it all, he resisted at first but now he loves it. They are so good at fluffing him up. He always looks so cute when he gets back. He prances around like he knows it too. I usually take him for a walk after he gets back so he can stretch his legs out from being pampered for a few hours. He loves his walks.

He is such a gentle soul and very kind, I feel fortunate he is in our lives and definitely has made our lives better. He is the inspiration for Doggy Daddy. I have started a few different shops this past year, but providing product that dog lovers love makes me smile. I only hope everyone can at some point in their lives have a doggy like Teddy, it’s nice to smile and he definitely makes me do that.

mini poodle

History of the Mini Poodle

Now that I've given a little background on my passion for dogs I want to share info on the many different breeds. In my other blog about my footwear career at:, I write to educate people about leadership and developing teams. I hope to share some educational info here too. I pull information from many different sites but use Wikipedia for fast information. here's a little history on the Mini Poodle:

Due to their intelligence, obedient nature, athleticism and looks, Poodles were frequently employed in circuses, particularly in France. In French circuses poodles were selectively bred down in size to create what is now known as the Miniature Poodle, which was known as the Toy Poodle until 1907, as a smaller sized dog is easier to handle and transport in a travelling circus. As circus performers the variety was frequently seen performing all manner of tricks including walking tightropes, acting out comedies and even performing magic and card tricks.

The Toy Poodle was created at the beginning of the 20th century when breeders again bred Miniature Poodles down in size to create a popular companion dog. Initially, these efforts resulted in disfigured or misshapen pups, as well as pups with behavioural problems, as a result of irresponsible breeding for dwarfed size only. As new breeding practices were adopted, the variety became set as a toy-sized replica of the original. Later attempts to create an even smaller variety, the Teacup Poodle, were unable to overcome serious genetic abnormalities and were abandoned.

We have over 90 different breeds to choose from now and growing. I just added puppy mugs and have a lot more to add there too. The collection will continue to grow in other categories as well. Join the email list to be notified of new styles. Here is an example of the Poodle Puppy mug we just added:


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